Toll Services

Covering production of custom made parts (short series), execution of various processing operations (lab scale),
materials and components characterization, trouble shooting, general technological consulting, literature reviews, etc.


Comminution (down to submicron), classification, powder blending, green part forming (pressing, slip gel and tape casting, extrusion), firing (air or inert atmospheres), polishing, poling of piezoceramics, MW heating.


Technological trouble shooting, contact with materials and equipment suppliers, literature reviews.


  • Chemical analysis (XRF, wet chemistry, EMPA-SEM)

  • XRD based phase determination

  • SEM based microstructure study

  • Optical microscopy (transmission, reflective)

  • Mechanical properties (strength, hardness, toughness)

  • Dielectric properties (1KHz-1MHz) er, tanδ

  • Piezoelectric properties: kij, dij, fr, Qm, Tc

  • Particles size and pore size distribution

  • Color determination (based on spectrophotometric data, CIE format results)

  • Dilatometry

  • Thermal conductivity measurements

  • Derivatography