Hot Press (50 tons)

Manufacturer: Vacuum Industries Corp. (Somerville, MA)
Model: 1 - 2300 - 50T series 3600
Inductive heating, graphite dies (Φ max = 90 mm)
Current force rating allows a maximum of only 50 MPa on a disk Φ = 60 mm
max ~1800 °C
Ar or N2 atmosphere (no vacuum)
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Controlled Atmosphere High Temperature Furnace

Manufacturer: Astro
Graphite heating elements and specimens container
max ≈ 2300 °C
Φi of specimens container = 70 mm Ar or N2 atmosphere
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Attrition Mill

Manufacturer: Netzsch (Selb, Germany)
Model: PE 075
1400 rot/min (90-150g solid load)
Polymer-lined mill
High milling efficiency, down to submicron particles
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X-Ray Diffractometer

Manufacturer: ItalStructures (Riva de Garda, Italy)
Model: APD 2000
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Apparatus for Solids Thermal Conductivity Measurement

Manufacturer: Taurus Instruments (Weimar, Germany)
Model: TLP 3000 DTX-1P
λth 0.01 - 2.0 W/mK
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Poling Installation for Piezoceramics

Manufacturer: Inhouse made
Voltage up to 8kV
Work temperature: up to 160 °C
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MW Powered Furnace

Manufacturer: Microwave Materials Technology (Knowville, TN)
(Designed together with ICSI)
Model: based on MMT 101
Characteristics: 12 kW, multimode, mode-stirrer, Al walls,
applicator, (L = 122cm , Φ = 96 cm), computer control of
P = f(time) or t° = f(time). Maximal t° attained: ~ 2100 °C.
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Hot Isostatic Press

Manufacturer: American Isostatic Presses (Columbus, OH)
Model: AIP6-30H
Carbon composite heating elements
Ar, N2 atmosphere, up to 200 MPa.
max ≈ 2000 °C
Specimens container Φ = 68 mm, h = 120 mm
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Controlled Atmosphere Furnace

Manufacturer: Centorr Vacuum Industries (Nashua, NH)
Model: LF 22-2000
Atmosphere: Ar, He, N2 or vacuum (current rating ~ 10-4 torr)
max ~ 1900 °C
Heating zone size: 0.58 l
Heating element: W
Heat reflectors: W, Mo
Ar n2 atmosphere
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Cold Isostatic Press

Manufacturer: Autoclave Engineers (Erie, PN)
Model: IP4-22-60
Current rating: 200 MPa
Maximum specimen diameter: 89 mm
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Other Equipment

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Elements analyzer based on AAS; FSSS analyzer; Sieves; Ball mills; Cutting and polishing machines (maximal diameter = 60mm); Dilatometer (air; up to 1000 °C); Gypsum moulds for slip casting; Unidirectional hydraulic presses; Lab furnaces for heating in air (up to 1200 °C); Glassware for wet chemistry; access to SEM (Quanta 2000 of FEI, Eindhoven, The Netherlands); Spray drier (Niro, Chpenhagen, Denmerk); LRC meter (Hewlett Packard), Optical microscopes (Leitz, Germany; Nikkon, Japan); Hardness tester (Matsuzawa, Tokyo, Japan); Furnaces (air, up to 1750 °C); Particles size analyzer.
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